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    The corporate colours in Kılıçoğlu's emblem displays the colours created by the high temperature in the kiln where the clay tiles are fired. Such colours represent longevity, durability and trust.
    Established in Eskişehir in 1927, Kılıçoğlu, one of the first tile factories in Turkey, is among the leaders of Turkey's construction sector today. Keeping its leadership in the sector, Kılıçoğlu markets press brick, covering brick and terra cotta tiles required by buildings in addition to excellent roof tile and roof systems.
    Using the slogan of Excellent Tile Excellent Roof, Kılıçoğlu has become the brand of quality tile with its products that have features far above the existing standards. The use of high technology ensures the continuity of quality. The main goals of Kılıçoğlu are to meet customer expectations and to make continuous improvement. Kılıçoğlu is proud to have its quality accepted in the world market by meeting the standards of many developed countries.
    Kılıçoğlu has broken new grounds in its sector and as a leading brand, has produced more than one billion roof tiles since its establishment. Today, roof tile production has increased annually to 8 million square meters in installed capacity along with Megaron New Generation Roof Technologies. Located in Eskisehir, it continues to grow day by day with "fully automatic" factory alone, having the highest capacity of Turkey, and with its constantly updated technology.
    In addition to its pre-sales services, Kılıçoğlu, whose mission is to carry the quality to buildings, provides its customers with the assurance and privilege of Kılıçoğlu with its service quality lasting a lifetime after sales.
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